Getaway Escapes is a company specialising in holidays that are affordable to all.  Having spoken to the average Australian and New Zealander, we have designed our products based on your feedback, so the packages we have to offer have a wide range of options, from overnight stays and weekend getaways to 7 nights in a 5 star resort, we can help you.  There is something for everyone.

We then went and negotiated extremely attractive accommodation deals that suit our products and in partnership with our affiliates we launched with over 40,000 world wide options.

Our resorts range from bed & breakfasts and camping grounds to chalets and private apartments.  Our rates are excellent! Generally 10 to 40% less than anywhere else. In many cases, up to 60% less than the resorts regular rate.  You can book 12 months in advance and only a few restrictions can apply but they are on the back of every voucher so you can make a discussion knowing exactly what you are booking.

You can also take both vouchers off the price of any cruise when you book directly with us.  So instead of only taking $99 off the price you can take both the $99 and the $59 off giving you a further discount of $158.00!  A resort, may offer a last minute rate lower than Getaway Escapes  particularly in a very quiet period, however this is very rare and if only for a limited period.

How do the accommodation vouchers membership work?
Getaway Escapes have a $59.00 voucher and a $99.00 voucher.  When using a $59.00, this can be used for a 3 night stay.  If you are staying longer then your $99.00 voucher can come off a 5 or 7 night stay.  Some of our resorts will allow you to use your vouchers back to back so when booking please enquire if this is possible.
Your vouchers are valid for 12 months and are fully transferrable to your family and friends! 
If you purchase one of our voucher packs for $199.00 you get choice of buying an additonal pack and you will receive an extra pack free.  These make great gifts for family and friends.

Our resorts deals can change throughout the year and for the most up to date rates call us on our booking line.  Reservations at our resorts are always subject to room allocation and availability.  This means that some resorts may have rooms available for the dates you require however these rooms will not be at the promotional price that Getaway Escapes are offering.  Once our allocation is filled, then resorts may not be able to accept further bookings at a discounted rate.

With our relationships with our partners, if you are not using a voucher and want to take advantage of discounted rates on our website, you are welcome to book online yourself or give us a call and we can guide you through!
Ultimate Escapes Pass

As a holder of an Ultimate Escape Pass, you have access to exclusive deals with all of our major accommodation suppliers including, Breakfree, Peppers, Mantra and Oaks.  Breakfree, Mantra, Oaks and Peppers have over 150 resorts throughout Australia and New Zealand, with many new resorts joining the group in the next 12 months.


Your card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used by family & friends.  Your membership to the Ultimate Escapes gives you exclusive access to great deals not only at resorts but also offers Cruise’s and International travel.   This card also entitles you to 1 free one way flight to selected places around Australia and New Zealand when you book a 5 night holiday with us?  Coming soon to our website will be online booking with the Mantra, Oaks and Breakfree resorts that can only be access by holders of the Ultimate Escapes Pass.

UK Travel

Getaway escapes have joined with a UK Travel Agent to bring you the best rates / flights and other deals directly from the UK.  Our website will be updated every week with the top holiday spots in the UK and how to book these.

Cruise lines

Every month our cruise partner, are able to bring you cruises from all over the world.  You will receive a newsletter that will deliver funtastic savings and open a new dimension for you.

Our UK partner will also be able to offer you cruises from around the world at great discount prices.

How do I pay?

When you have decided where to go, simply give us call.  We accept all major credit cards or if you wish, you can send us a cheque or money order.  We have a secure system set up by Suncorp Bank and once your card has been processed, the numbers are deleted by our system so they cannot be used again.  The system generates a unique number – which we will give you straight away.

How do I book?

It’s easy!
• Choose a resort from our website at
• Check availability by calling us on 1300 117 934 or email

• Secure your booking by quoting your voucher number, confirm your dates with us, and pay with your credit card.
• Pack your voucher that we send you confirming your stay
• Go on holiday and have fun!

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